Binance To Have “A Bumpy Road” by the End of 2022

Binance, the leading crypto trading wallet is in trouble after all the allegations from FTX’s testimonial hearing with Congress and the “criminal charges” against it. Previously, Binance saw about $2.5 billion (about $5 billion as of today) in outflow after it’s allegations. “RIP Binance” is trending on Twitter after the FTX’s testimony.

Investors and crypto enthusiasts are considering withdrawing their funds after claims of “executives balling, institutional (Jump) capital fleeing, and charges coming.” Consequently, they have confirmed leadership losses, and “no reporter” can explain the identity of the ownership structure of Binance.

Although, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) says that the funds are coming back but, the will have a bumpy road from now.

Questions rising on crypt, due to it’s market manipulations. CZ claims everything is settled even though investors are worried about their crypto settlements

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