Birthday special: Vidya Balan and how her career began

Vidya Balan has made an indelible impact in the world of glitz and glamour because of her amazing skill and her commitment to keeping true to herself.

Vidya Balan has made an indelible impact in the world of glitz and glamour because of her amazing skill and her commitment to keeping true to herself.

When Satyajit Ray died in 1992, the world grieved the loss of one of India’s finest directors, and a 13-year-old girl was taken aback. She was enamored with him and his work so much that his films motivated her to pursue a career as an actress.

Balan’s mother and sister accompanied her to her first audition when she was 15, and they sat through 12 hours of it. Not only that, but when she was just starting out, her mother accompanied her to all of her auditions. She recalls how nerve-wracking her first encounter in front of the camera was when questioned about it. But it was her gut sense and desire that gave her the confidence and acting abilities she needed to succeed in the business. She was an outsider with no formal training, unlike most other renowned performers. She recalls picking up the incorrect talents frequently as a young performer. She first realized the numerous aspects of acting and the industry she had chosen to work in once she began performing advertisements.

While she was adamant about becoming an actor, the road to popularity was not without its challenges. Her faith was utterly shattered by 12 canceled Malayalam and Tamil projects between 2000 and 2003. Balan, on the other hand, was not willing to give up. She tried her hand at becoming an assistant director after a few months of failure but quickly realized it was not something she could pursue. She had a gut feeling that she was destined to be an actress. As a result, she would accept any job that came her way. All she wanted was some sort of exposure in the film industry.

However, it was a television program, Hum Paanch, in 1995, that catapulted her into the spotlight. This lighthearted Indian family sitcom, produced by Ekta Kapoor, was also a show that Balan’s family watched on a daily basis. People began to recognize her, despite the fact that she wasn’t a particularly popular persona. That was the first time the fame bug struck her, and she knew it was only the beginning.

Balan made her great entrance into the world of Bollywood in 2005 as Lalita in Parineeta. Following Parineeta’s appearances in commercial films such as Heyy Babyy and Kismat Konnection, she realized that ‘fluffs’ were not for her. “Acting is not just about facial expression, it is about how you feel and how that gets expressed’, her sister would often tell her. Balan took this counsel to heart and went on to revolutionize Hindi cinema with films like The Dirty Picture, Ishqiya, Kahaani, and Begum Jaan, which were all unusual and female-centric.

She feels that Ishqiya was her first spontaneous decision and that it was the turning point in her career in 2010. Her most difficult job, though, has to be in The Dirty Picture. Balan had a difficult time surviving, let alone succeeding, in Bollywood, especially as a latecomer. When she eventually managed to carve out a space for herself, her dedication and hard work paid off. While she has her family, she now goes to her producer-husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur, for professional counsel.

Balan’s charisma and passion are mirrored in the way she speaks, and she has a lot more “entertainment, entertainment, entertainment” in store for us in the coming years.