CRYPTO NEWS: Bitcoin Gave Immese Returns This Month after FTX’s Collapse

Bitcoin fell to around 60% in 2022. It was expected to fall even more due to the current recession and the high-interest rates regarding it.

Surprisingly, it seems Bitcoin is back on its pace with a 13.58% hike in its value. It is the highest since the FTX collapse.

With this, Bitcoin remains the top cryptocurrency in the market with a cap of 40%. The following is the data from WazirX.

Meanwhile, Samsung is launching its own ETF, named “Samsung Bitcoin Futures Active ETF”, providing investors to get the similar returns as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 15,71,786 3.5%
Ethereum 1,19,430.0 0.36%
Tether 85.18 -0.05%
Cardano 27.00 -1.81%
Binance Coin 24,100.01 -1.22%
Ripple 31.47 1.57%
Polkadot 458.00 2.25%
Dogecoin 6.83 2.88%


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