Bottles of fresh air from parts of the UK are being sold for £25

A company called My Baggage is selling fresh air from parts of the United Kingdom- England, Scotland, Ireland, Welsh, London Underground and even of a Norfolk Fish and Chips shop. The bottles of fresh air are being marketed at the perfect gift in the holiday season as they can be shipped to people living away from their homes.

This can be the perfect gift for your homesick friends. People couldn’t believe that someone is selling such air bottles as the idea seems ridiculous to some but people are buying the 500ml bottle of fresh air that can be used for weeks or months. The fresh air bottles can also be customised as the company will bottle fresh air from any UK location. The bottles were launched after a research linked smells to emotional memories and the aim is to ease homesickness of abroad living UK citizens. The Fish and Chips bottle and the London underground fresh air bottles are among the bestsellers.