Brahmastra Tickets to cost only ₹100 on the occassion of Navratri on these Dates, Check it out!!

After a record breaking response on National Cinema Day, the makers of ‘Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva’ has yet again offered to sell movie tickets at discounted prices on the first four days of Navratri. The tickets of the film will be sold at 100 from 26-29 September to mark the festival of Navratri.

Director Ayan Mukherji took to his social media handle, “NAVRATRI BRAHMĀSTRA SPECIAL Excited about this scheme! National Cinema Day may have taught us something about finding the right ticket price point to allow more audiences to enjoy the movie experience on the big screen! Something which we are incredibly passionate about !”

“With an attitude of always learning and trying new things, we hope this scheme brings some interesting positive learning to us all… and we hope our audiences continue to enjoy Brahmāstra this week, as we kick off Navratri celebrations from tomorrow,” he added.