Brahmastra wipes out over ₹800 crore wealth of PVR and Inox investors

Brahmastra says he’s taking PVR and his Inox investors with him. India’s largest theater chains PVR and Inox have lost more than 800 crore in combined market capitalization today.

As per the Indian mythology, Brahmastra is considered as a weapon of unstoppable destruction that can only be stopped by her counterattack, the Astra (weapon).

Brahmastra received lukewarm reviews despite healthy pre-bookings worth Rs 230 crore. Film critic and analyst Taran Adarsh ​​gave Ranbir Aria’s star a two-star rating and said the film was a king size disappointment.

If Brahmastra crashes, it will not only be one of Bollywood’s biggest flops, it could also dash any hopes of a resurgence in the Hindi film industry at a time when several South Indian films are breaking records nationwide. The film Brahmastra, was produced on a budget of Rs 410 crore, featured cameo appearances by Ranbir Kapoor, Alia batt, Amitabh Bachchan, Tollywood star Nagarjuna and even Shah Rukh Khan, with Karan as one of his producers. Featuring Johar essentially, this is a household name in the Indian film industry, with sheer firepower.

But analysts believe it could make less than half of the money that went into making the film, which is already several years behind schedule.

“The lifetime box office (collection) for the film is estimated to be in a wide range of ₹130-200 crore, based on the strong advances,” says media Elara Capital. This analysis was done before the weak reviews poured in.

“We believe a positive word of mouth and audience acceptance can help the film breach the upper end,” said Karan Taurani