BREAKING: Tulsi Kumar To Collaborate With International Music Sensation KiDi???

The news of the moment has to be the speculative conversation between international artist KiDi and famous singer Tulsi Kumar that they had on their Instagram stories. The fact that the two have begun to follow one another and share each other’s stuff on stories suggests that they will work together on some major projects.

Tulsi responded with a follow back when KiDi tweeted a clip of her most recent popular song, “Killer Haseena,” stating, “Whoa that’s a killer song @tulsikumar15, you have to teach me these steps.”
Not only that, but Tulsi Kumar afterwards posted the KiDi song “Champagne” to her Instagram story with the caption, “Hooked to this one! When can we get together to jam and groove? He responded, “Let’s go,”

Internet users are already speculating about what the two are up to and whether this signals the start of a new partnership or just a new friendship. Our excitement has reached its zenith due to the rumours!

Both musicians, who are renowned for their artistry and vocal prowess, have yet to announce anything. We nevertheless hope that they will soon share some fantastic news with their followers all over the world, given the anticipation that has been building.

Additionally, recent Instagram stories from both celebrities have shown that they are both in Kerala. Are they really going to collaborate? what do you think??