BTS’ “Butter” Is All Set For It’s Remix, Song Out Tomorrow

Recently, BTS made an announcement through their social media that BTS is back. Earlier “Butter” hit several records a few days back like entering the Guinness World records for being the most streamed song on Spotify within 24 hours of its release on the platform. It also became the longest-charting song by the Korean Act. The album also maintains its top 10th position of BB Hot 100 charts for 13 consecutive weeks. The group also received much appreciation and fame because of the song. Now, Megan Three Stallion will be releasing the remix version of Butter.

Megan Three Stallion is an American rapper and songwriter. BTS Label BIGTIT music released a statement announcing the news and wrote, ” Butter by BTS has had a singular honor of reaching the number one on the Billboard hot 100 9 times, the most by any song till date in 2021. To celebrate this historic BTS milestone that was made possible by our fans, we should like to announce the release of a new song Butter remix version. The song would be released on 27th August 2021.” Rapper stallion earlier alleged that her record label was preventing her from releasing the song. However, later, the judge ruled in favor of the rapper and give her permission to release the song. Fans are going crazy about this announcement and Megan is trending on Twitter. People are expecting it to be a big hit too.

We can’t wait for the remix version.