BTS Collaboration with UNICEF


United nation international children’s fund aka UNICEF well known nonprofit organization covering social crises like education deprivation, malnutrition in unapproachable areas of the world.

This noble work inspires many so they come forward and give their valuable time and riches to the UNICEF so they can reach as many deprived as they can.

BTS, a very outstanding and popular south Korean boyband is also a prominent donor of UNICEF. UNICEF and BTS together work in many areas which should be awarded like the importance of self-love, abusing and bullying, and the stability of mental health in The COVID-19 era.

One of the members of the band once said :
“We are extremely moved and thankful that our LOVE me campaign, which began with small steps, is now being elevated to an even bigger partnership. We also strived to “LOVE ” ourselves, and I think we as a team and as individuals grew as well,”

This duo of BTS and UNICEF spread awareness on mental health and psychological balance in the phase of lockdown and pandemic, for this Executive Director of UNICEF, said
“COVID-19 is taking an enormous toll on all of our lives and emotional well-being, not least children and young people,”
“Through their music and messages, BTS has said to their global audience, ‘You are not alone. This is a difficult time for all of us. And together, with love and kindness, we will get through it.’ As our partnership moves into a new stage, together we are committed to reimagining a kinder, safer, and more connected world.”

Revising all their duties and standing together in the toughest time.UNICEF And BTS are doing role model work which we all are supposed to do. Performing their responsibilities and giving back what they receive is the best way to help mother nature and their unprivileged child.