BTS Island: In The Seom is now open, Check out the Game!

After several weeks of teasers and behind-the-scenes episodes, BTS Island: In The Seom is now available to download via the App Store and Google Play Store. It is a story-rich puzzle and a casual, character management game with BTS contributing to its creation. The trailer first appeared during the first day of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Las Vegas.

The game’s official Twitter handle has been posting the countdown for the D-day of the game. The account shared the following tweet this morning:

The game tells the story of an adventurous ride that unfolds as BTS arrives on an island for an unexpected vacation. BTS who were sailing a sea, unexpectedly arrive at a remote island with the help of a whale. The play is supposed to help build the members their new home by clearing levels and unlocking puzzles.

The members have actively taken part in the game development process. From designing the game logo to contributing in their game character development, the members participated in every step of the game.

The band member Suga has also produced the original sound track of the game. It is his first game OST in discography as a producer. Titled ‘Our Island’ the sound track plays throughout the whole game exerience.

The members also dropped a video on the grand opening of their new game, BTS Island: In The Seom. The game’s official YouTube handle has been posting the behind-the-scenes of the development process of the game and the boys’ involvement in the process.

Check out the Opening video here:

The game also depicts many incidents among the members. The fans have been waiting for the game since it’s anno0uncement and are loving the animations and game play. The member’s game characters also are very similar to their real-life behavior.

Check out the fan’s reactions below: