BTS’ Jungkook Enjoys His Leisure Time In The New Camping VLOG

Saturday is incomplete without BTS VLOG! This time, the band’s maknae has posted his camping VLOG. Check out the highlights from the VLOG below:

​Jungkook talks about ARMYs, ‘My You’ and ‘Run BTS’

BTS’ maknae begins the vlog by talking about his song for ARMYs called ‘My You’ and talks about how it was grammatically incorrect but it did its job to express his true feelings towards his fans. He said the reason why he wanted to write a song for them is because he believes that ARMYs are the reason why the group exists. The songwriting process to creating the melody, Jungkook spilled all kinds of details. He also showed the guide version of ‘Run BTS’ where he imitated SUGA’s dad, the old man from ‘Squid Game’ and just had fun talking in his accent and to be honest, we’d love to hear that too!

The food

He smoothly switched over from speaking from his heart to a ‘mukbang’ vlog but we are here for it! All the delicious treats made our tummies rumble. The so-teok (sausage tteok) and fried chicken looked so good. From the journey snacks to the camping meals, Jungkook really showed how much he loves food! He ate a lot of food while he was resting and enjoying the view and now we crave ramen as well!

Camping shenanigans

The video went to show Jungkookworking hard alongside his friends to station the RV and he looked cute as he did all the tasks. He also didn’t let the tasks overcome his love for SUGA’s song ‘That That’ as he danced to it as well. Jungkook also mentioned doing a V-Live there, which was what led fans to know which member will be putting up what kind of vlog. He also participated in the ‘Aurora’ fire trend like his member V and the rest of the WOOGA squad did on ‘IN THE SOOP: Friendcation’

His love for ARMYs

His love for ARMYs never ends as he even writes about them on the sand as a sweet gesture and that just shows how much he cares for his fans.


Check out the entire camping VLOG here: