BTS Members Photobombing Jin’s Pictures, Check Out Now!

The Bangtan boys may be mega heartthrobs, but they do not shy away from letting their hair down and goofing around every now and then. In fact, this quality of theirs is what is most loved by their beloved fanbase – the BTS ARMY. And what better way than photobombing each other to pull each other’s leg?

Be it during shoots, or a random selfie, the septet has vowed to never let each other breathe and the proof is in their several adorable pictures and videos over the years.

Jin aka ‘Worldwide Handsome’ who happens to be the oldest member of BTS is loved a lot not just by the ARMY but also by the fellow bandmates Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga and RM. The members love his fun-loving and hardworking side. Jin’s dad jokes always lighten the mood of BTS members as well.

Recently, Jin shared some pictures on his Instagram handle with the caption, “Please let me take pictures alone”. And we all can understand the pain behind that caption from the pictures.

Check out the post here:

From the pictures itself, one can see that the other members are having great fun teasing their hyung. Jin posted a total of seven photos and all of them were photobombed by one member or the other. This isn’t the first time that the members stop Jin from taking pictures alone. ARMY are relieved to see the photobombing pictures and are happy that their favorite idols are still goofing around togther.

Check out the fan’s reactions: