BTS’ RM drops three new sets of preview images for upcoming photo folio “Entirely”

RM, leader of BTS, has released additional updates for his upcoming visual project! RM’s image collection title, “Entirety”, was initially teased to when the BTS member released a teaser image on August 19 at 8:30 p.m. IST, revealing himself as the second member to continue project after colleague Jungkook.

RM originally released a collection of images  called “CALM”. RM can be seen smiling sweetly in one photo while the other looks more mysterious. In both photos, RM is wearing a neat white suit.

The second set of teaser images, titled “MONO”, is reminiscent of RM’s second mixtape, “mono”, and is completely black and white. In this series of photos, RM wears white or light jeans with a black jacket and sweater.

The latest series of teaser images, titled “WILD,” features grainy, soft images. It’s interesting to see RM examine three very distinct themes in the “Entirely” preview shots, all with a sepia tone as the main color.