BTS To Participate in 2022 FIFA World Cup Song Project, Check Details

BTS seems to be unstoppable as always as the septet has reportedly nodded towards their next project. According to reports on July 28, the group is set to become a part of the ‘2022 FIFA World Cup’, in the most unique and exciting ways, one that the fans cannot seem to wait for. A new BTS song seems to be on the way!

As per reports, BTS will be participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s song project as the global brand ambassadors for Hyundai Motors. The group will be a part of Team Century’, which the brand’s ‘Team of the Century’ campaign is reportedly promoting. The sustainability campaign will in turn look at upholding its ambassadors for the job of launching the ‘Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge’ giveaway event which begins on July 29 and is said to be running until September 30. The results will see 11 participants earn a ticket to see the World Cup live in Qatar.

The song collaboration project that BTS is revealed to be a part of, will be released in the second half of the year while the 2022 FIFA World Cup officially begins from November 21 and will continue till December 18.

This news has made the fans of the group wonder if BTS will be attending the opening ceremony for the World Cup on November 21. It would indeed be a sight for all the ARMYs around the world who have been looking forward to any glimpse of the septet all together. The fans are also wondering what their stage would look like and if their past performances in stadiums are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. A great example would be the group’s 2020 MAMA stage at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Have a  look at the performance here: