BTS V DRIVE VLOG: Check Out The Details Now!

On July 8, BTS surprised ARMY by announcing plans for a new series titled ‘BTS VLOG’. Beginning today, July 9, the members of the septet will individually take their fans along on a special day out, as they take part in various activities. The videos have been planned to release every Saturday, until the last episode on August 20. A particularly sweet detail is that the first episode is released today, honouring BTS’ fans, ARMYs’ 9th birthday!

Check out the tweet:

Kicking off the series is none other than V! With the previously released schedule announcing the title of today’s video to be ‘DRIVE VLOG’, BTS’ fans had been eagerly anticipating the video, and had accurately guessed the star of today’s video as V.

The 52 minutes long video sees V setting off on a drive with the director of BTS’ ‘BANGTAN BOMB’ videos and the director of the ‘Run BTS’ series. Check out some of our favourite moments from the DRIVE VLOG, below:

1. Dentist Detour

Right off the bat, things flow in an unexpected way. Not only did V decide on a destination after sitting in the car, but he also ended up taking a detour to the dentist. Turns out, V had accidentally chipped a tooth while having ice cream the previous day, hence the detour.

2. KTH1

V talked about how his solo music endeavors have been coming along, sharing, “I have so many things I want to try,” continuing, “If I do everything on my list I have to shoot 8 music videos, so I was like ‘Huh? How did this happen?’ So I narrowed it down to that [the present stage].” V went on to reveal that he has even thought of the photoshoot concept as well!

3. Run BTS

With the director of BTS’ beloved series ‘Run BTS’ along with him on the drive, it was inevitable that the series would be brought up in conversation. At one point, the director shared, “I’m working hard on ‘Run BTS’ these days,” raising anticipation for the much-loved series to come back with new episodes.

4. Playlist

You can’t go on a drive without having the perfect playlist to accompany you! Through the vlog, V shared some of the songs on his driving playlist, treating us to music by Lizzo, Adam Levine, Daniel Caesar, the Weeknd, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Troye Sivan and more.

5. Golf

Filling his day with a number of interesting activities, V also takes us golfing! Following an intense indoor game, V declares that the vlog is over. But this statement is immediately followed by a bonus clip as they head out for dinner.

Check out the entire VLOG here: