BTS VLOG Highlights: J-Hope Goes Over The Details For ‘Arson’

Recently, BTS announced a new series titled ‘BTS VLOG’, set to begin on July 9, ARMY’s birthday. While BTS’ V kicked off the series last week by taking ARMYs on a ‘DRIVE VLOG’. This week is member J-Hope’s turn! Just yesterday, J-Hope released his solo album ‘Jack In The Box’, and one of the title tracks from the release, ‘Arson’, functions as the opening theme song for the BTS member’s vlog today.

Titled ‘J VLOG of Conviction/Confidence’ (literal translation), check out some of our favorite moments from J-Hope’s 25 minutes long vlog, below:

1. J-Hope’s ‘Beauty Show’

In one section of the vlog, J-Hope takes us to the HYBE building to undergo a makeup simulation for the music video of ‘Arson’. As he settles into the makeup chair, J-Hope exclaims ‘Welcome to J-Hope’s Beauty Show’! What follows is a detailed look at how the makeup simulation process includes a lot of ideas being bounced around and attempted, before settling on the final look.

2. The Outfits

Throughout the episode, J-Hope’s fashionista self shines as he appears wearing a cutesy ‘heart’ beanie in one clip, a smart neon hoodie in the next, and a chic black zip-up shirt in another.

3. Sunshine

Something that strikes the viewer as one watches the clip, is how J-Hope lights up whichever room he walks into. The BTS member’s sunny personality and genuine, from-the-heart laughter are true scene-stealers!

4. Attention to Detail

From the texture brought about by strokes of paint on the outfit worn in the music video for ‘Arson’ to his hairstyle and so much more, J-Hope’s dedication and attention to detail are highlighted throughout the vlog.

5. April Fool’s Prank

Toward the end of the vlog, there’s a bonus clip which shows J-Hope taking us into his dressing room as he packs for a trip to Las Vegas. During this, J-Hope shares that this clip was actually recorded on April 1, just after he attempted to prank ARMY for April Fool’s Day! He shares, “So before this, I went on Weverse and posted a simple lie but our fans took it so seriously [so] I was like “This could end bad” and confessed right away [that] it was an April Fool’s lie on a new post.”

Check out the entire vlog here: