BTS x Snickers Collaboration: Fans Make Memes On Twitter

If you are a BTS fan then you would be amazed to know that BTS has collaborated with chocolate bar Snickers. Well, that’s what the internet is going crazy over BTS x Snickers collab. Recently some tweets and posts on the internet have been making everyone curious. To know if the collaboration between BTS and Snickers is real or not. But is it true?

It was only this week on 29th that the internet got some news about BTS and Snickers doing a collab together. While it also claimed that those collab Snickers are available in Southeast Asia. As per the claims on the internet, it was said that BTS x Snickers chocolate bars were there in the countries like Thailand and the Philippines.

With such claims though, we have got BTS fans all around the world to try to know if those collab chocolate bars would be available in their country or not. As some pics of the Snickers with a BTS touch to it are going viral on the internet making everyone excited about it.

Check out the tweet by Snickers here:

Well, with BTS fans sharing some pics of the Snickers on the internet. We could see the chocolate bars in the BTS purple color packaging. In addition to that, the Snickers also had a few of BTS song’s names on it. Yet there came no official announcement of their collab so far.

Apart from the collab of Snickers and BTS in South East Asia. Fans of BTS in North America and Europe are keen to know if the BTS collab Snickers can come in their county or not. Though there’s no such news on it now. However, it might be available in some more countries too. Not to miss, previously there have been hints of a connection between BTS and Snickers. Which might come as an official collab soon.

Check out the fan’s reactions here: