Cadbury: recreation of an iconic 90’s ad only with a twist! 


Cadbury is our favourite Chocolate brand since childhood and we are definitely the fans of their innovative ads and campaign. Be it the jingle or story of the ads it has always won our hearts and now Cadbury recreated the iconic ad from 1990’s only with the gender swap leaving us feeling nostalgic. In the original ad model Shimona Rashi in an floral outfit, sitting on the sidelines of the stadium eating Cadbury Dairy milk, when her partner scores the winning run she runs past security on the field to do a victory dance and the tagline “asli swaad zindagi ka” plays in the background.

Only this it is a women’s cricket match and a man on the sidelines, havinh Dairy Milk. When his girlfriend scores the winning six, he breaks into a celebratory dance and runs towards the field to hug her.

Many brands and celebrities including Mumbai Indian’s team are appreciating Cadbury for this recreation of the ad that’s giving out the message that cricket is not a male dominant sports.


See how twitter is reacting on this recreation of Cadbury: