Carnage has entered the human life-Venom 2 hits the cinema houses

Let there be carnage

The most awaited marvel movie has finally hit the cinemas and another roller coaster of thriller amazement and next level battle between 2 symbiotes is going to be mind-boggling.

Despite bringing one of the most ruthless and despicable killers in all of Marveldom, it was not much of a surprise that the sequel of Venom: Let There Be Carnage would be boring rather a blast.

The first movie grossed up to $850 million worldwide and as director, Andy Serkis has revealed that the first was a  storming and wanted to ensure it could reach as big an audience as possible with the sequel. He has pushed the limits; the danger and darkness and the threat and the menace of Carnage.

The suggestion of leaving it to the audience’s imagination can be just as powerful. The characters say for themselves and certainly not shy away from the darkness; most importantly the real heart of Carnage as a character isn’t compromised.

The story opens that Eddie Brock tries to co-exist with Venom and it’s not a cakewalk is least to say. Brock’s career takes a turn when he interviews Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who doesn’t trust anyone else. But things go wrong when Cletus also gets infected with a deadly and bloodthirsty symbiote. In the conversation Cletus bits Eddie’s fingers and swallows some of his blood and here comes Carnage.  Both Eddie and Venom have to deal with this offspring.

The plot is pretty straightforward for a comic-book flick, the banter between Brock and Venom are the mains.  Brock tries to quench Venom’s threat of consuming humans which disgusts Eddie. Tom Hardy’s performance with the CGI character carries the film through some rough patches. Woody Harrelson fully embraces the film’s quirky yet absurd tonality and certainly enjoys playing the antagonist.
This Halloween you will see the essence of Venom walking freely and carnage ready for some date and bloodthirst for humans.