Charlie Puth to drop Light Switch soon

Charlie Puth is making his fan go crazy for his new single ” Light Switch”.  The artist has been teasing everyone dropping parts of the songs on Tik Tok. It has been months and Charlie Puth still hasn’t dropped the Single. This will be Charlie puth’s first in 3 years.

He posted a video on YouTube asking his fans for 25ok pre-saves to release the mega-hit on the New year.

He aired the song for the first time but He played it live on the New Year’s Eve stream on Tik Tok. Charlie puth was seen playing the song on a Piano. You can check it out below. He had previously aired the song in five different parts as teasers.

It is believed that the proper, full version will be out soon on various platforms. Although, Charlie puth has been making a fool out of everyone lately. Actions speak louder than words. Drop. The. Track.

In addition, Fans have been going absolutely nuts over his new look. Charlie Puth was seen with curly hairs and the singer recently removed all his previous posts from his Instagram account.

The singer had released Voice notes in 2018. According to reports, Light Switch is set hit the market on 14th of January.