Check out all the types of Animals in Stock Market and their meaning

Bears, Bulls, Whales and other kinds of animals of investing in stock marketing. Let’s know them better.

List of most frequently used Trading Animals in share market:- (Bull, Bear, Chicken, Stag, Pig, Wolve, Rabbit, Turtle, Sheep and Whale) 

Animals of stock market is a terminology used to define specific characteristics of the type of traders or investors. Read the full article to know about all kinds of invertors.

The Bull:- Optimistic

The term bull is used for the people who are optimistic about the markets going in upward direction. These investors buys stocks and push the market on the upside.

The Bear:- Pessimistic

The term bear is used for the people who are pessimistic about the markets to go downside. These investors create panic selling condition resulting into corrections, reversal and sometimes crash.

The Chicken:- Fearful

Chicken is refered to the newbies that enter into the stock market with low risk appetite. College students, freshers basically everyone who has a low risk taking appetite who are fearful about the market volatility is known as a chicken. These investors are scared of booking losses or seeing a red P&L.

The Stag:- Opportunities

Stags are quite an experienced investors/ traders. Stags are the opportunity seeker, they wait for the best situation/condition to catch a trade. In technical terms, Stags keeps eye on the charts and as soon as they find there pattern and confirmation they punch there orders.

The Pig:- Greedy and Impatient

These investors are extremely greedy and are in search of making profits in short term. These investors makes positions in highly volatile companies. Investing in highly volatile stocks gives massive move every single day that might give a chance to make good profits.

The Wolve:- Manipulative

Wolves are the tricksters in the stock market. These people try to manipulate the market with the big money. The huge amount of money helps them punch big orders and bring bigger moves. These investors works in a team and with targets, they target the stock that has to be manipulated and trade them.

The Rabbit:- Holds short position

These are the investors who makes position for short term trades. These rabbits can also by called as traders . Holding a position for a day, a couple of days and a week is the maximum amount of time that rabbits gives to a trade.

The Turtle:- Focused on long term returns

Turtles are the most patient investors who holds there positions for months and years. These types of investors makes money slowly but safely. Stocks with good fundamentals are loved by turtles. Holding these stocks gives Dividends, Bonus and multibagger returns.

The Sheep:- Follow others advice

Sheeps are the investors that follows others advice. Buying or selling stocks as per a tip or a call given by someone is the method they use to trade.

The Whale:- Big Investors

The investors with a extremely huge amount of money is referred to whales. Mutual Funds, DIIs, FIIs, are some examples of whales. Having a huge amount of money brings the power of speculating the Stock easily.