Check Out These Varieties Of Coffee!

When life gets in the way, coffee comes in handy. Although all types of coffee start with coffee beans, the beverage can be prepared in a variety of ways. Traditional techniques of brewing the drink exist in many nations, to which varying ratios of liquids and flavourings can be added. Owing to the vast multitude of brewing processes, flavours, and drinking customs, there are a zillion different kinds of coffee in the world that suit diverse palates. Let us take a look at some varieties of this well-known beverage.

Espresso – A foundation of most coffees, espresso is the purest form of coffee. The bitterness is not something everyone can withstand. A good brewing technique is quintessential for a nice espresso.

Americano – This drink highly preferred among the numerous kinds of coffee. It is prepared by pouring one shot of espresso into a cup with two-thirds of hot water.

Café Latte – This coffee shop favourite is made with one-third espresso, two-thirds hot milk, and one-centimeter micro-foam on top. The Latte’s sweetness comes from the heated milk.

Cappuccino – It is similar to a Latte, with the major difference being that a Cappuccino has more foam. One-third espresso, one-third hot milk, and one-third milk foam make up a classic Cappuccino.

Mocha – Among the numerous types of coffee, this is one of the sweetest. A Mocha is a Latte made with a shot of espresso and a spoon of chocolate powder, topped with steamed milk, 2-3 centimeters of foam, and chocolate powder sprinkles.

So grab your favourite cup of coffee and let the magic unfold!