Check out Christmas party ideas to make christmas more merrier

Holidays and Christmas are one of the most awaited celebrations of all the festivities. Since Christmas is the birthday of Jesus but Christmas also means that you’ll get gifts and a secret Santa will give you secret greetings for loads of happiness and something unexpected. I wish someone will get me something I wish and can’t afford (a Chanel perfume..please). If you wish to host a Christmas party at home:

Here are some great ideas to make this Christmas a blast-

A theme party

Christmas party can be made a rocking one with a theme added to it like all red or all green or all wear Santa’s attire and greet each other with a- hoo-hoo Merry Christmas to all

Christmas card

Make a handmade card and greet everybody with lots of happiness and loads of love. For those who don’t know but giving a Christmas card is a tradition that has been followed for generations.

Mini tree decorating

Instead of bringing home a big tree gets yourself mini trees and decorate them with friends and family a Christmas brings everyone together.

Dinner or lunch party

Host a lunch or a dinner party for all those who are near and dear to you and have family, friends, and neighbors get-together and spread smiles on the eve.


Bring out the chef in you and cook something sweet, sour, and anything that tickles the tastebuds. give yourself love and peace this Christmas.


Lighten up some candles and celebrate Christmas with the light of the angels.


This is why Christmas is celebrated for getting and giving gifts. Not really but you celebrate it with love and offer love through gifts.

Secret Santa

This is an interesting concept of keeping secret who is the secret Santa of whom. This way you celebrate and share happiness with people.

Ladies night out

Have a girl night; bring in booze and food and have the best time of your life with your gals.


Host a DIY contest at home and bring out the artist, creator, and love for doing it yourself and the winner gets kisses and cuddles or whatever you feel.


Bring out the finger in you ith carol-ok and sing all the carols with friends and family to your heart content.


Bring out the child in you and listen to stories and Christmas memories of people and revive the old and traditional way of celebrating Christmas.