Check Out Fans Reactions On Kangana Ranaut And Rekha Ji’s Juxtaposition

The striking perfectionist and beauty epitome, Bollywood’s classy, fabulous, and evergreen actress of dreams Rekha Ji, who always proves the saying right that age is just numbers.

On Rekha ji’s 67th birthday from super Bollywood celebs to every die heart fan of Rekha Ji specially wished her and try to make this birthday happier and make this one count, memorable.

But the desire that is highlighting in every social media is the fan is talking about Bollywood Kangana Ranaut to resemble in Rekha ji’s bio picture. For giving this buzz more heat fans are now comparing the looks of Rekha Ji with actress Kangana Ranaut. Although there is no authentic and official news is out openly by any Bollywood director, producer, or megastar Rekha Ji and Kangana Ranaut herself.

And that fanbased rumors are also getting mixed comments some fans are liking the idea and said it would be best to cast Kangana Ranaut because she is the finest actress in Bollywood and as beautiful as Rekha and some of them are not appreciating this idea a bit.

And many of them retweet that post to know more points of view on this buzz

Apart from this, Rekha Ji also likes Kangana Ranuant not only as an Actress but as a daughter too. In an event, Rekha Ji gifted Kangana a Saree and wished her luck. In her speech, Rekha mentioned how she adores and loves Kangana the most in Bollywood. She went on to add that if she had a daughter, she would have been like Kangana.

And the special day of Rekha ji’s birthday Kangana Pen Down special note for her and mentioned her as “godmother”

Taking to Instagram Story, Kangana Ranaut posted a heartfelt wish for Rekha calling her ‘Godmother’. “Happy birthday to my Godmother dear Rekha Ji… the epitome of grace, elegance, and beauty,” she wrote. Alongside the note, Kangana shared a throwback image of her sharing smiles with Rekha. In the image, the two can be seen wearing beautiful silk sarees.