Check out how different brands are reacting to Russia Ukraine War

Many brands have stop the sales of their products or services in Russia.

Russian President Vladmir Putin announced on 24th February that he has set up some special military operations in Ukraine. The operations were nothing but a declaration of war. Russia initiated the war even though countries from all around the world warned him to do so. America warned him that there will be consequences if Russia attacks on Ukraine.

In spite of all those warnings, Vladmir  Putin decided to get what he wanted and attacked Russia. As a result countries from all over the world are boycotting Russia. USA introduced sanctions that would severely affect the economy of the Russia as they boycotted 3-4 banks especially two of the largest Russian banks who jointly hold 1.5 Trillion dollars in assets.

But now, not only countries, but also different brands are stopping their services or sale of products in Russia. A few days ago, Apple announced that they are stopping the sale of their products in all of Russia. They also said that they will be stopping digital services like Apple Pay too. Hollywood movie studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures have suspended their film releases in Russia.

Airbnb announced today that they are suspending operations in Russia and Belarus. Adidas has suspended its partnership with Russia’s Football Union with immediate effect. Nike and Puma also have suspended their product sales in all of Russia. H&M has also decided to temporarily suspend its sales in Russia.

Many automobile makers have reacted to this news like Harley Davidson, Honda, Range Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Mazda, BMW, Ford, and Mitsubishi all have suspended the shipments of their automobiles to Russia. Mercedes-Benz is looking to divest its 15% stake in Kamaz as soon as possible.

The Russian President is continuing its operations in Russia and has said that he will not stop until he achieves his targets in Ukraine. The consequences of his actions will have to be faced by the Russian citizens. Many Russian citizens are also against  war and want to stop Putin from destroying Ukraine and Russia too.