Check Out New Sweeping Range Of Skincare By Swiss Beauty To Elevate Skincare Regime

Swiss beauty is a beauty makeup brand in the cosmetic industry, which is known for its high pigment products in the lowest price range and wide variety in categories and subcategories. Swiss Beauty is not is merely is known for its rates and quality but also its Paraben-free, Alcoholless, Cruelty-free Vegan products. Swiss Beauty is vastly a makeup product but now it has launched its skincare range this week.

1). Swiss Beauty Gentle Mousse Cleaner:

A gentle and hydrating mousse cleaner is cotton soft foam which will remove all dirt and excess oil from the face, the bottle is customized designed with a soft brush on the which will help you to exfoliate your skin gently and cleansing foam leaves a smooth texture on the skin after wiping the face.

2). Swiss Beauty Youth Freeze Toner :

As the name suggests, this liquid toner will give you Japanese glass skin, the light and free text of toner will leave your skin none oily and shiny and fresh look all day long.

3). Swiss Beauty Brightening Day Cream :


Enriched with glycerin and jojoba oils this day cream will cover with hydrated skin, brightening and removes dryness. Suitable for all types of skin whether it is oily, dry, or a combination in just 349/- INR and quality Of 50 grams

4). Swiss Beauty Gold Serum :

The fourth step in the facial of face, Serum gives you shine and makes your looks flawless and rejuvenating. Just a few generous drops of gold serum, slightest pat them and massage, and your skin is set to shine like 24-carat gold.

5).  Swiss Beauty Jade Roller :

Jade Roller is made of Rose Stone to give special curves to your face that you lost due to fat and not doing facial exercise. Moreover, it tightens the skin and enhances cheekbones, jawlines and reduces puffiness of the eye and face.