Check out Shruti Haasan’s stunning looks on her birthday!!!

Here is a list of Shruti Haasan’s stunning looks. Top 10 bold looks of her!

Shruti Haasan, a famous south Indian Actress, daughter of the legend Kamal Haasan! She has shared several pictures on her Instagram, here is a list of those bold pictures:

The white outfit was worn by Shruti posing in between the grass, her pearl necklace and earrings make her white outfit special, her long shiny hair looks stunning!

The bold black look! The black crop top was worn by Shruti but with a black blazer on it looks stunning, her shiny curled hair matches the outfit perfectly. She, biting her necklace and posing for the picture looks amazing.

The bright red look! Shruti dressed up with a bright red kurta wearing oxidised earrings with cute makeup look so beautiful on her! The roses included in her hairstyle brings a classic look to her costume.

The white and black pictures of Shruti looks stunning! Her fitted black dress with that black necklace makes her look elegant. Her clean bold make-up and hairstyle suit her outfit beautifully.

The beautiful blue look! Shruti looks gorgeous in her navy blue kurta with a netted veil. Her simply shining necklace and matching earrings looks beautiful on her and her silky and shiny hair is awesome.

The crown black look! Shruti with a shiny stunning black outfit looks like a queen. The sharp crown on her head makes there look perfect, the mirror picture with the glossy outfit looks bold and beautiful.

The simple black look! The Indian styled cloth always looks beautiful on Shruti, her simple looks with a black kurta on which simple gold patterns make her look simply gorgeous.

The netted black look! Shruti wore a crop top with netted shoulders inside. Her bold looks in the picture are impressive.

The saree look! Shruti looks extraordinary in the green saree look. Her saree matches her beautiful necklace, bangles and her earrings make it look perfect.

The cute black look! Shruti wore a cute black outfit which has very cute lace at the edges. Her big black earrings and her make-up look excellent.