Check Out The Benefits Of Yoga on the International Yoga Day

An ancient art of healthy living, Yoga has become a trendsetter today in maintaining physical and mental health. It is a spiritual discipline aiming to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Tomorrow, the 21st of June, will be celebrated as International Yoga Day world over. Here are some of the benefits of doing yoga regularly.

Enhanced Flexibility – Flexibility is a vital component of physical health. Yoga comprises of numerous asanas that vary in intensity. Even the mildest styles are said to increase flexibility. Reduced flexibility is an inevitable effect of aging but doing yoga can greatly help counter that.

Improves heart health – Yoga prominently reduces cardiovascular disease risk by lowering heart rate, BP and cholesterol. Controlled breathing greatly benefits one’s cardiovascular system, as proven by favourable changes in heart rate, stroke capacity and arterial pressure.

Combats stress and anxiety – Science supports that meditation, breath work and chanting (all being components of yoga) significantly reduce tension and relieve stress. Studies also suggest that yoga nidra (guided meditation) reduces symptoms of anxiety.

Better Balance – Research shows that doing yogic exercises consistently improves balance, thereby reducing the risk of injury. It is also said to help athletes perform better. Tree pose, chair pose, mountain pose are some of the many poses that improve one’s balance.

Builds Strength – Yoga is a strength-based practice that uses body weight to make one stronger and increase muscle tone. It is a full body workout that garners strength, thereby making everyday activities easier.

Yoga has numerous benefits so one should stay healthy by practicing yoga everyday. It assures a healthy body, a pure mind and a brilliant intellect.