Check out the top 6 philosophy for a better life

In mathematics, we have a number of formulas, rules, laws etc to solve a problem. Just like mathematics we humans also need some rules and laws to make our lives easy and to solve some of our lives problems. We also need some strong laws to live by.

Here are some Laws and great philosophies that will encourage you.

• Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s law states that:

“The more you fear something, the more it’ll happen.”

T Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr, was an American aerospace engineering and a philosopher. The other famous law by Murphy is

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

• Kidlin’s Law

Kidlin’s Law states that,

“If you can write the problem down then the matter is half solved.”

• Falkland’s Law

Falkland’s Law states,

“When you don’t have to make a decision, then don’t make the decision.”

• Gilbert’s Law

Gilbert’s Law states,

“The biggest problem at work is that no one tells you what to do.”

• Walson’s Law

Walson’s Law states,

“If you put information and intelligence first at all times. Then the money keeps coming in.”

These are some Laws that can help you to gain a new perspective towards life and will motivate you to work towards your goal. Applying these Laws might lead you towards a better life.