Check out these countries that offer you a Golden Visa

A Golden Visa is an immigration policy that allows affluent people to get a residence permit or even citizenship in another country merely by acquiring a home there or making a significant investment or contribution. Those who qualify for a Golden Visa can simply get residence or a second passport in another nation. These visas have become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, a growing number of nations now offer Golden Visa schemes. If you’re curious about which nations provide the Golden Visa, here’s a list of ten countries that do.

Austria: Austria is regarded for having one of Europe’s harshest citizenship regulations. The demand for its Golden Visa is also high among potential investors. A total of 300 visas are processed each year under the scheme. To be eligible for the visa, investors must make a direct investment in the country, either by investing €3 million in a government fund or by investing €10 million in a firm.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria is one of the countries that will have the quickest road to European citizenship. To be eligible, you must apply for a Bulgarian Golden Visa and purchase bonds worth at least €512,000. They’ll have to quadruple their investment and wait 18 months for citizenship.

Canada: There are several investment programs available in Canada, the most prominent of which is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). To be eligible for this program, you must contribute a minimum of CAD 1.2 million in bonds. To participate in most of Canada’s investment programs, you must spend at least 183 days in the nation over the course of three years.

Ireland: In Ireland, the Golden Visa program gives a renewable residence visa provided you contribute at least €1 million in an investment fund, real estate fund, entrepreneurship fund, or endowment.

Portugal: The Golden Visa program in Portugal is one of the most profitable in the world. A minimum investment of €500,000 in real estate is required to become a resident of Portugal; however, if investing in low-density regions, the minimum investment is reduced to €400,000.

Singapore: Anyone can apply for the Singapore Golden Visa if they invest at least SGD 2.5 million in establishing a new business or investing in an existing one, get a single-family office in Singapore, or invest in a Singapore-approved fund. Apart from that, applicants must be able to produce audited financial statements for their firm or have prior business experience. It’s worth noting that this program allows you to become a permanent resident.

Spain: The residency-by-investment scheme allows you to invest and become a permanent resident after five years. A €500,000 real estate investment is required to apply for Spain’s Golden Visa. However, until you become a permanent resident, you will need to renew your permission every two years.

Switzerland: This country’s Golden Visa scheme differs somewhat from those of other countries. You are not obligated to purchase cash, real estate, or government bonds here. Anyone who can demonstrate that they pay annual taxes of between CHF 150,000 and CHF 1 million qualifies for the program.

United Arab Emirates: The UAE provides a 5-year residence scheme and a 10-year residency option as part of its Dubai Golden Visa initiative. To be eligible for the 5-year option, you must spend at least AED 5 million on a UAE property. To be eligible for the 10-year option, you must either contribute AED 10 million in public investments or have extraordinary talents.

United Kingdom: The UK grants a Tier-1 Investor visa to persons with cash or potential investors. The minimum investment, according to reports, is £2 million, which must be stored in a registered financial institution.