Check Out These Types of Ice Creams!

Do you know all these ice-cream varieties? Take a look….

  1. Gelato – This frozen treat of Italian descent is made with whole milk. It is usually creamier, denser and richer in taste than regular ice-cream. Cioccolato, fregola, limone and pistacchio are some classic flavours.
  2. Kulfi – This traditional Indian dessert is made by heating sweetened milk till sugar caramelizes and milk condenses. It is frozen in cone shaped molds. Kulfi is frequently flavoured with cardamom, rose or saffron. Malai, kesar, mango are must-haves.
  3. Frozen Yogurt – Fro yo is a frozen dessert made with cream and cultured milk. The mildly tangy ice cream is good for the gut. Vanilla and cookies & cream are the beloved flavours of this Middle Eastern charm.
  4. Rolled Ice Cream – It is made when cream, milk and sugar are heated together. After being flash-frozen on a metal pan, the mixture is rolled up into spirals. Strawberry and Mint Chocolate are delicious flavours of this Thai delight!
  5. Dondurma – This Turkish treat is one of a kind. Apart from goat milk and sugar, a special gum mastic is the secret ingredient that makes dondurma elastic. This creamy, sticky ice-cream comes in a wide array of flavours.
  6. Mochi – This Japanese confection has petite rice cakes filled with frozen cream. It is pretty much an ice cream sandwich but with a yummy chewing texture that gives a fun spin to conventional ice cream.