Check Out These Varieties of Cheese!

The secret ingredient that brings life to a dish more is often than not, CHEESE!  By some estimates, there are more than 1,800 different types of cheese in the world. Here are some of the favourite varieties:

Blue Cheese – This cheese is made with Penicillium cultures, which creates blue spots / veins. It has a distinct smell and an acquired taste.

Feta Cheese – This salty sour cheese is made by blending sheep and goat milk. It is the top choice for salads and soups as it is creamy, with a good nutrient profile.

Gouda Cheese – This variety has a dash of sweetness and enhances with the passage of time. It is used in preparing casseroles, grills, salads and sandwiches.

Cottage Cheese – This Indian cheese variety is soft, sweet and fluffy. Most dishes demanding a creamy taste like paneer butter masala, butter chicken or salads have cottage cheese.

Cheddar Cheese – It is one of the most nutritious cheeses, abound in protein and calories. Cheddar cheese is often put in burgers and sandwiches.

Mozzarella Cheese – One of the most loved cheese varieties, Mozzarella is used in pizzas, pastas, lasagnas, sandwiches. This melt in the mouth cheese is made from Buffalo milk.

Parmesan Cheese – Cheese connoisseurs believe parmesan is one of the top cheeses. As it is granular and has a bitter taste, it is added in small quantities to pastas, soups, risottos.

Do try these varieties of cheese but be a mindful eater, cheese can be quite addictive!