Check out what Fer Machado, CMO of Activision Blizzard has to say for Nike’s ‘Own the floor’ campaign

Nike is the most valuable sportswear and accessories brand, boasting a brand value of over 30 billion U.S. dollars. The brand is not just the world’s leading sports clothing brand, it is also the single most valuable apparel brand on the planet overall.

Nike has always been on top when it comes to marketing its products. The brand uses emotional branding for the customers to build a loyal fan base.

In a recent billboard advertising in Europe for Nike, Nike is seen promoting body positivity and giving out a strong message by using the tagline ‘Own The Floor.’

Impressed by this Fer Machado, Chief Marketing Officer of Activision Blizzard, an American video game company tweeted a photo of the billboard saying “Awesome billboard from Nike featuring Trina Nicole from @TheCurveCatwalk. ❤️”



The model featured on the billboard is Trina Nicole from The Curve Catwalk, the UK’s 1st plus size dance class. The billboard is a part of the ‘Own the floor’ campaign. It is a partnership between Parris Goebel and Nike to promote sports through dance.