Check out why Adam Gilchrist wants Indian players to feature in leagues other than IPL

Former Australian player Adam Gilchrist believes that Indian players should be allowed to play the other leagues like that of BBL.  He says doing so won’t diminish the value of Ipl in any way.

It will be wonderful (if the Indian players are allowed to play in overseas T20 leagues), I personally feel that it won’t diminish the IPL, it will only grow them as a brand. If they (Indian players) can play in Australia or South Africa, But the challenge is we are all playing our domestic seasons at the same time, so that is a hard thing, isn’t it?,” he said.

I’m not criticising the IPL, but why won’t Indian players come and play in the Big Bash league? I’ve never had an open and honest answer: Why are some leagues accessing every player in the world? No Indian player plays in any other T20 league. I am not saying in a provocative sense, but is that a fair question?” he asked.

I really want to highlight that the six seasons I played in the IPL I loved it. It was a great experience. It is the premier T20 competition in the world, but it is important to allow other boards and countries to prosper as well,” he added.