Chu Young Woo Adjusts To Life In The Countryside In Upcoming Romance Drama

The upcoming Kakao TV drama “Unexpected Country Diary” will portray the pleasures and sorrows of the sincere and relatable residents of Heedong Village and is based on a web book of the same name by Park Ha Min.

The drama will also show the beginnings of a romance between Ahn Ja Young, the village’s sweetheart, as portrayed by Red Velvet’s Joy, and Han Ji Yool, a veterinarian from Seoul eager to leave the community.

Chu Young Woo will portray this metropolitan spirit, a prickly character who follows the rules and has a rigid personality.
The drama released some stills of Han Ji Yool going about his daily business in Heedong Village.

Before being summoned to the countryside by his grandfather, Han Ji Yool was a regular veterinarian working in Seoul. He now manages a clinic caring for the cattle in the village.
Han Ji Yool, a stickler for following the rules, lives by the motto, “Doing what you need to do and executing your share effectively is enough.”

He lives by the maxim, “Don’t inconvenience anyone, and don’t let others inconvenience you.” But in Heedong Village, everything is different.

Dealing with different patient types is one thing, but dealing with folks who persistently transgress personal lines out of curiosity is a completely different challenge! Naturally, his immediate priority is to leave the area and return to Seoul as quickly as possible. The recently released stills depict Han Ji Yool’s daily activities in the area. Compared to when he used to treat patients in Seoul while wearing a white coat, caring for patients has a completely different connotation now.

He tends to the cows in the centre of a barn while wearing waterproof work attire. He gives his best effort in his role as a vet, even lowering himself to the dog’s eye level.

His love and care for animals never wavewaverd his compassionate heart is evident in the way he poses for the photographs.

One thing to anticipate is Chu Young Woo’s flawless portrayal of a kind veterinarian in the countryside. Chu Young Woo is doing a terrific job of seizing the lead with his good performance, which is unexpected from a novice actor, the production team said.

He would gradually fall in love with Heedong Village without recognising it while finding it difficult to adapt to life in the country and fantasising about returning to Seoul. He will take in all the romance that living in the country has to offer as he portrays this process.