CIA gets mocked on social media after launching its brand new logo

The American Intelligence CIA has introduced its new logo and a website that will be an indirect contact with citizens rather than a government organization according to some social media.

CIA’s reputation seems not to be good among the youngsters of that country and the rebranding  is meant to improve it’s reputation and its image in front of the talented minds.

The new black-and-white circular logo depicts “CIA” and “Central Intelligence Agency” against an array of parallel and intertwined lines. The website proclaims “We are the Nation’s first line of defense,” alongside a rotating series of images of diverse individuals. It invites visitors to “Find your calling,” provides multiple ways for candidates to get in touch and lists open jobs and starting salaries.

Hashtag #DiscoverCIA is Agency’s new promotion on social media to make people aware about the new opportunities it offers to the people.

Few trolls among a lot are as follows:

Dani Deahl an American based DJ said,”CIA rebranding as a modular synthesizer festival in Berlin,” comedian Sarah Squirm added, while journalist Max Pearl went on to point out that the logo is “literally a Mutek poster”.

And many more thought it looked like a design for a brand like Urban Outfitters, a website like The Intercept or, as creative director Zach Roif wrote, a “‘hungry independent ad agency focused on their culture as much as their work.'”

Sam Biddle an American journalist trolled saying,”finally a website for people who want to overthrow democratically elected leaders and also buy a $700 vibey ceramic planter”.

An anonymous troller also trolled the new logo by posting the follow picture on Twitter with a caption “It took me 20 minutes of my day to design this”.