Colgate steps in to reduce millions of toothbrushes that end up in landfills every year

We produce about 50 million pounds of waste just from toothbrushes every year. These are directly transported to landfills where they get stagnated for thousands of years.

Colgate is one of the industry leaders when it comes to toothbrush production and sale. The company alone produced 30% of the entire toothbrush produced in the world. The company has recently expressed its concern and as a result, designed a new toothbrush. The newly designed brush will reportedly have 80% less plastic than the generic version.

Image credit: Colgate

The handle of the new brush is made up of aluminum that can be used for a lifetime and at the same time the brush can be changed after extensive use.

The early toothbrush during 1800 was made of wood and bush bristles but when plastic became popular and cheap, the industry started highly depending on it.

Over the year there have been various initiatives from Colgate to reduce the environmental impact. Its partnership with a recycling firm was much appreciated but eventually, they were only able to recycle about 5 million toothbrushes, which is roughly 1% of the entire production.

Although the initiative is well applauded among the environment enthusiasts, it will be a difficult task for Colgate to convince its consumers to make the switch.

The new brush will be sold at $9.99 and the refill cost around $4.95.