Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 Winners

Conservation through competition.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards began humbly in 2015 as a photographic competition, born out of a passion for wildlife and decades of living and working in East Africa. It has developed into a worldwide recognized tournament witnessed by millions of people every year, guided by its founders, Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, and always with animal conservation at its center. The free competition, which is available to both experienced and amateur wildlife photographers, celebrates the humor of our natural environment while also emphasizing the need to conserve it. Comedy Wildlife’s images, which range from a shocked otter to a cursing turtle, offer a grin to people of all ages.

Ken Jensen’s ‘Ouch!’ is the overall winner of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021. A shot shows a Golden Silk Monkey in China getting himself into a bit of difficulty on a wire taken at the perfect moment.

The tournament also actively promotes animal conservation, and this year, it will donate 10% of its entire net sales to the Save Wild Orangutans foundation. The effort protects orangutans in and around Borneo’s Gunung Palung National Park.

Some of the other winners included:

Video Category Winner: Only one Indian, Rahul Lakhmani, has been selected as a winner in this year’s tournament. The winner of the 2021 Video Category was his video of a White Throated Kingfisher, titled ‘Hugging Best Friend After Lockdown.’

Creatures In The Air Awards: ‘I guess summer’s over.’ (This category was won by John Speirs for this pigeon with a leaf on its face).







Creatures Under The Water Awards: ‘Time for school.’ (It’s sometimes necessary to practice tough love. This prize was given to Chee Kee Teo for her shot of a mother otter training her pup to swim).

Highly Commended Winners: 

1) ‘Let’s dance’ (Andy Parkinson caught this shot of two brown bear cubs fighting in the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.).

2) ‘Chinese whispers’

3) ‘Peekaboo’

4) ‘I got you’ (This photo of gophers playing around in Hungary was clicked by Roland Kranitz)