Commonwealth Games: Naveen Kumar Beats Sharif Tahir Of Pakistan And Won A Gold Medal

In the men’s 74 kg category, India and Pakistan are competing. Naveen might increase India’s total number of gold medals to six. Early on, both wrestlers put the other to the test. In the thick of the final’s intensity, both unaware yielding. Naveen finally manages to escape. Tahir gets back on after he scores a two and attempts to go all out.

Naveen leads 2-0 as the half comes to a finish The parity between these two wrestlers is what sticks out when the second half gets underway. Tahir is given an inactivity clock, which Naveen uses against him while also scoring a few points of his own. His score is 9-0. The gold is just one point away for Naveen. Tahir needs a tremendous escape with just a few seconds left if he wants to win the gold.

When holding his opponent at arm’s length, Naveen demonstrates his poise and earns India its sixth gold medal from the printing arena.
The Indian wrestler earlier in the day ensured his nation of anotheedal by defeating Charlie Bowling of England in the semifinal.

Naveen triumphed by an enormous margin of 12-1 in a contest that lasted three minutes and twelve seconds. He won thanks to his superior technical ability.

After defeating Singaporean Hong Yeow Lou in the quarterfinal of the men’s 74 kg division, Naveen advanced to the semifinal.