Controversy smoked up again on Whitehats Jr. New advertisement.


Many controversies are occurred on White hat’s motive to make children learn coding and programming languages from a very young age. Parents and boards of council strictly disagree with the idea and clearly stated that childhood is for playing and learning not for developing mobile applications. Although, this controversy is settled down.

Now, White Hat jr. Is back with a new ad and new conflict and now brand ambassador Hritik Roashan is also on the radar of Advertising The Standards Council of India (ASCI).
“ASCI has processed 15 complaints against seven advertisements of WhiteHat Jr, ” said Secretary-General ASCI, Manisha Kapoor.

Five of these advertisements, she points out, were in potential violation of the ASCI code. The advertiser, she lets on, agreed to immediately withdraw the advertisement when ASCI asked them for their response.

But Creative Consultant, L Suresh is highly pointing Hritik Roashan he said :

“Hrithik is most likely to have been chosen because of his ’Super 30’ movie. So the do-gooder, the teacher and mentor personality is being harnessed from his portrayal of Anand Kumar,”

“Endorsers should know the difference between an ad, where you are selling a business, and a movie, where you are showcasing creativity,”