Crazy Technology That Will Amaze You!

Check out these insanely cool technologies:

  1. 3D Printed Houses – Can you believe such houses actually exist? They are designed and constructed using hi-tech 3D technology. Additionally, these homes are faster to build and are superior to the traditionally constructed structures in several ways. India’s first 3D printed house has been built by Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions
  2. Car being the interviewer – Volvo HR90 is the Interviewing Car. Its AI capacity enables the car to recruit its own technicians. The supersmart car interviews candidates using speech and facial recognition features. Sounds insane right?
  3. Customized babies – This most definitely would blow your mind, but yes, it is close to becoming a feasible reality. Scientists have recently demonstrated how gene-edited babies can be made by choosing traits.
  4. Robots running a hotel – Yes, you read it right. Not a single human is required to run FlyZoo, Jack Ma’s futuristic hotel. The Alibaba founder has set up this hotel where robots run the entire show, from being waiters to butlers to chefs.
  5. Refrigerator placing your order – Samsung’s smart fridge is inbuilt with special AI that lets you order Fresh Direct groceries from its large touch screen. It also lets one check the quantity of certain items in the fridge. Technology is intriguing!