Crypto and Stock Markets Crash as Russia announces special military operation in Ukraine

The Stock Market and Crypto market has crashed has intensified after Russia announced special military operations in Ukraine.

Today morning Russia declared that they have some ongoing Special military operations in Ukraine. These Operations will be done in eastern Ukraine. Explosions were heard in Ukraine after the announcement was made. The Ukranian President has made it clear that they will not surrender and will defend their country at all costs. The war amid the two countries has led to a huge crash in Stock Market as well as Crypto Market.

The Stock Market today started and Sensex dropped more than over 1200 points while Nifty 50 dropped more than 500 points. At present the Sensex has dropped by over 1500 points and Nifty 50 has droped by over 450 points since morning. The war between the two countries has lead to the crash since two weeks. New things everyday are forcing the market to drop more and not giving it a chance to recover.

While the Crypto market has severely been affected as Bitcoin is at a 6 month low and currently its price is around Rs 27Lakhs while Ethereum is at 1.82 Lakhs which is also a 6 month low for the coin. Almost all the coins in the market have dropped by over 12%-15%. Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Polygon each have been dropped severely and people are freaking out and are making mistakes like panic selling and buying more are the dip.

Ukraine has imposed martial law in the whole country and the President says that they will defeat everyone and assures that Ukraine is ready for anything. The people believe that this might be the start of World War 3 and Europe might be affected because of this war. USA and the UN are doing everything in their power to stop Russia from declaring war on Ukraine.

What are your thought on Russia’s move?