‘Crypto’ luxury cruise to be converted into junk

The name ‘crypto’ has derived as the entire transaction of the ship was done through crypto currency and became the first ship in the world to do so. Owing to its crypto currency all the travel details of the passengers were confidential making it first choice for the rich!

The cruise has a capacity of about 2000 passengers and its owner Chad Elwarktowski had plans to make it a floating city. Chad wanted to rent the 777 luxurious cabins built in it, but the plan fell into disarray due to people’s insurance money. Eventually it had to be decided to sell.

Due to Corona, we have seen a decline in world economy, and the most affected field is tourism industry. Many luxury cruises known for the ‘Shano-Shaukat’ are turning into junk. Recently many cruises have reached Alang Shipyard in Gujarat. Now the name of the world’s first ‘crypto’ currency cruise has been added. This cruise has left for Gujarat to be converted into junk.
The crypto cruise will be auctioned after reaching Gujarat by the end of January.

The name of this Australian cruise was previously Pacific Dawn, which is the world’s first ‘crypto’ currency cruise. It was later renamed MS Satoshi by its new owner. However, due to Corona, the cruise stood anchored in Gibraltar for almost a year. Due to heavy maintenance and insurance expenses, the company is now going to sell it to junk and many companies of Gujarat are competing to buy it.