Legendary actor Tabbassum Govil passed away at the age of 78 due to cardiac arrest

Many avid Bollywood fans are shocked by the death of Tabassum Govil.

78 years old veteran Tabassum Govil, who become a famous actor and respected chat display host passed away due to cardiac arrest on November 18, and a prayer meeting was held at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Santacruz, Mumbai, on November 21.

The actress was hospitalized in Mumbai after expressing concerns about her health for the past few days. After a few days, she was released, but on Friday night, she went back to the hospital. She experienced two cardiac arrests in the following two minutes at that point. Hoshang Govil, Tabassum’s son, claims that his mother wanted to keep her passing a secret until her final rites had been carried out.

Tabassum Govil began her career as an actress in movies when she was a young girl. During her early career, she was known as Baby Tabassum. Tabassum becomes a favourite of yesteryear stars such as Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, and many other Bollywood artists due to her innocent face and humble nature. As an adult, Tabassum made her acting debut after appearing in numerous movies as a child. She appeared in Heer Ranjha, Adikar, Raja Rani, Haqeeqat, Kartoot, and many other movies.

After establishing herself as an actress, Tabassum Govil rose to fame as a talk show host on the wildly successful program Phool Khile Gulshan Gulshan. The classic artists trusted Tabassum because she had solid connections in Bollywood.

Tabassum launched her YouTube channel Tabassum Talkies in 2015. She once recounted the life stories of forgotten actors and shared obscure facts about veterans on her channel. Hoshang Govil, Tabassum’s son, has recently taken over the show and established himself as the channel’s face. Hoshang used to direct the videos for Tabassum Talkies and also used to shoot them. However, Hoshang appeared in front of the camera to continue the legacy because of Tabassum’s poor health.