Deepika Padukone Receives tribute From Amul For Being Picked As Presenter For Oscars

Actress Deepika Padukone is now creating waves all over the world. Recently, she became the first Indian to unveil the trophy at the FIFA world cup held in Qatar. She has also been signed by the popular fashion house Louis Vuitton as the face of the brand globally and was announced as a member of the prestigious jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

Now , the diva was presenter at the Oscars ceremony for 2023. To recognise her achievement, dairy brand Amul honour a BUTTERY TRIBUTE to her through a quirky creative.

Amul took his Instagram handle and shared a creative picture we could see Deepika Padukone with the Amul girl. They both were enjoying buttered toast and were dressed up for attending big event, In the background, one can also see the iconic Oscar trophies. In the header of the picture”ToastKar for Deepika.” Deepika Padukone presented the 95th Academy Awards.