Deepika Padukone revealed songs from her Diwali Bash playlist, Play them now on Spotify

One of her kind, Deepika Padukone never leaves her fans in the lurch. Deepika Padukone always gives an update of her upcoming project band photoshoots and promotional videos to make her fans know what is she doing these days. And for this festival season, Deepika Padukone has shared a bomb Diwali Bash playlist on her official Instagram handle, where she chit-chatted with an interviewee while engaged in her makeup with two to three makeup artists. Deepika Padukone shared her childhood memories of Diwali that she celebrated with her family and the irony that the meaning of the name of all the four members of Deepika Padukone’s family is “light”.

And she also shared that a part of her daily routine starts and ends with music. She said in her Instagram reel her morning starts with some kind of music and her day ends with little music. So we can surmise that music is an integral part of Deepika’s routine.

After this information and information communication, Deepika has shown a glance at her Diwali bash playlist on Spotify, and the songs which are included in the playlist is The hookup song, But Khalifa song, Coca Cola Song, Masakkali and so many other songs from Bollywood movies.

Spotify updated the same as well with the caption Diwali pe taufe toh bante hi hai 🙂
So @deepikapadukone has got a little 🎁 for you, the Diwali Bash playlist on Spotify. Listen now. The link to this playlist is availed by Spotify in their Instagram bio.

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