Delicious and delightful recipes from Swedish cuisine

The cuisine of Sweden is quite influenced by French cuisine, many dishes of Swedish cuisines is inspired by European cuisine which twisted a bit according to the availability of indigents in Sweden, this combination of European influence and Swedish ingredients gave shape to the Swedish platter of food. So, let us explore some easy to make Swedish dishes to try.

1). Swedish Pancakes :


Pancakes are a very common English breakfast, it is one of the favourite breakfasts of foreign countries. To make Swedish pancakes you will need all the basic ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla essence and buttermilk. Buttermilk is the ingredient that makes Swedish pancakes different from other pancakes. After adding buttermilk prepare the batter in the same way you used to it. And pour the ladle of batter in pan and cook, then serve with serves.

2). Swedish potatoes with dill cream sauce :

Swedish potato is a very traditional Swedish recipe cooked as a side for meat and fish to make Swedish potatoes with dill cream sauce you need to boil some potatoes until they are softened and for sauce, you need to melt butter in a pan and add flour and cream whisk till the sauce is lumps free then add milk, pepper and salt in the sauce and our it into potatoes. That’s it! Swedish potatoes are ready.

3). Ostkaka :

Ostkaka is cheesecake, in Sweden ost mean cheese and kaka means cakes so altogether it is cheesecake. Ostkaka is very adored in any season and making ostraka is also very easy just whisk sugar, butter, almond essence, cottage cheese, double cream, eggs and cardamom powder until it is fluffy then pour it into the tin then sprinkle some almonds and Bake well and top with raspberries and blueberries.

4). Hassleback Potatoes :

Another super amazing and super easy potato recipe for Sweden, Hassleback potatoes is quite unique from the other potatoes recipes, you need to cut potatoes in slices but don’t separate them, spread butter and sprinkle salt and pepper drizzle police oil and bake until it’s the upper crust is brown and crispy