Delightful and effortless recipes from Dutch cuisine

Make sure when you travel to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to try out goodies of Dutch cuisine.  And here we are going to help you find the most famous and loved street food from the streets of the Netherlands. You don’t need to make another list of what to eat. And the recipes are so easy that you can try them in your home too.

1. Stroopwafel :

Stroopwafel is an amazingly delicious dessert cum snack of Dutch cuisine, these are made fresh for you when you go to eat them on street. It is a little unlike regular waffles we eat in means of shape and filling, stroopwafel is booked and served in a circle it is not folded while cooking and they are served with caramel says in between two sheets of waffle.

2. Frites :

Frites is a Dutch version of greatly adored fries made of potatoes, and the reason why frites is very loved by people is that it is tasty, convenient and easy to eat and so fast to make. It is a very common counter food in fairs and carnivals. And Vlaamse frites are very popular. Although, Dutch people don’t like when people confuses frites with French fries.

3. Chocolate cookies :

No one can say no to chocolates and any dessert made out of them.  This is why    Chocolate cookies are loved with hot chocolate or any hot beverage in times of snowfall and winters in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, people enjoy chocolate cookies which are cream-filled inside and crunchy and soft outside with milk. They gift chocolate cookies to their friends and families in times of any festivals and occasion.

4. Dutch Apple pie :

Dutch cuisine guide is incomplete without dutch apple pie’s recipe, the apple pie is famous in the world for its amazing taste, aroma and texture. The crust for pie is made with crumbled biscuits, butter and sugar and settled down in the bottom of the pan then a mixture of cinnamon apples, nutmeg and lemon takes this to another level. You must try a Dutch apple pie in your life at least once.