Delightful Bihari cuisine which will turn out to be a blissful experience for your taste buds

The Bihari cuisine is mainly influenced by the rulers who ruled there. Mainly most of the Bihari people are vegetarian as Buddhism brought a concept of non-violence. Rice and wheat are grown here in abundance thanks to the Ganges ricer and the fertile soil. The historically rich land of Bihar is equally famous for the plethora of delicacies that feature in its cuisine. The scrumptious and exotic Bihari dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste bud of every food connoisseur. Here is a list of must-try Bihari food dishes.

1. Litti Chokha
This dish needs no introduction as it now internationally famous. It consists of spicy wheat and sattu, kneaded in a round, and spicy balls, dipped in ghee. Litti is a spicy roasted dumpling made with roasted powdered grass to which spices are added, and chokha is roasted brinjal and mashed potatoes with lots of garlic and coriander. It is a world-famous food of Bihar.

2. Sattu Drink
It is mainly consumed in the breakfast as a quick source of refreshment as well as every for the busy people. Roasted gram powder, water, rock salt and roasted cumin are the core ingredients. It is as tasty as it is healthy. On most occasions it is a breakfast on the go for busy people.

3. Khaja
Filled with wheat flour, sugar and mawa fried and then dipped in hot syrup is an indispensable preparation for weddings and is a delight to them and a place called Silav makes the best ones. Another equally tasty and delicious food from Bihar’s snack, Khaja is believed to be a 2000-year-old preparation, very similar to Baklava from the Ottoman Empire.

4. Chandrakala
Very similar to Gujia, Chandrakala is another paradise dessert for those who like sweets. It’s a dish of traditional Bihar food that’s enough to sweeten your senses! Chandrakala is very similar to Gujia, but its dry fruit content separates it from Gujia. Chandrakala mainly contains stuffed khoya, cardamom, and dried fruit in a very crunchy way dipped in sugar syrup like gulab jamun. it is one of the traditional foods from Bihar that is enough to sweeten your senses. It is one of the famous food in Bihar.

5. Dal Peetha
Dal Pitha is the Bihari alternative to Momos or dumpling. It is prepared in a similar way to Momos. This food satisfying from Bihar is covered with rice flour and stuffed with lentil paste along with spices and pickles. The dumpling is steamed or fried and contributes to a very healthy breakfast.