Delightful Kashmiri delicacies that will blow your mind away

The Kashmiri valley is undeniably one of the most beautiful sceneries in the country. The land is also home to a wide variety of food culture. Rice being the most popular dish is generally coupled with meat. Here we picked up five different Kashmiri delicacies that you would enjoy eating.



This Kashmiri soup-based dish is prepared from wheat flour dough and vegetables. Pieces of mutton or yak are added to boost the taste. It’s a wholesome dish and is generally served at lunch or dinner. The soup is often mistaken for similar look alike but a spoonful of traditional Thenthuk can be distinguished from any other delicacies.


This small coin-like dish is prepared using wheat, rice, or atta dough. It is one of the most commonly consumed dishes of the state. So common that people eat the dish on a day-to-day basis. Extra meat and vegetables are added to the dish to enhance the taste.



This Tibetan delicacy is one of the most loved food in the state. Momos are available throughout the country thanks to numerous street vendors. These small delicacies are dumplings filled with vegetables and meat. The fillings change according to personal preferences. This is coupled with a fiery sauce.


Kashmiri Muji Gaad

A festive based dish popularly served on large occasions and family gatherings and is prepared with radish and Nadur (lotus stem). The aroma of this spicy dish is unmistakable. The main ingredient is usually fish. The dish is in great demand during Gaada Bata, a festival in December.



The fiery Kashmiri meat dish tickles the right taste buds. This dish is cooked in a spicy red gravy and draws no parallel when it comes to taste and is a must eat when you are in Jammu.